What’s been surprising about your Dundee during these times?

We are living through extraordinary times. Reimagining our city’s future needs to involve us all. We Dundee puts the voices of citizens at the heart of that conversation.

Tell us about the people, places, and values which have shaped your experiences during the global Covid-19 crisis.

Each week I see so many people in my street Clap for Carers, yet I've never felt so isolated/alone. Shielding is more difficult than I have the words to express.
The honk of the fish van coming down our street selling local seafood makes my day
Watching neighbours work together to tackle tidying up and planting in the backies so that everyone can enjoy the space!
That I've adapted to put food in the waste bin, feels so wierd- can't wait for food waste collections to re-start!
Walking more and the joy of hearing all the birdsong. Then the delight of watching them devour the seeds as I work from the kitchen table.
How we have come together to support our local businesses.
Watching the baby coots, ducklings and cygnets grow at Swanny ponds
Life is now like a game of Pacman, where everyone else is a ghost.
Loving the genuine love for Dundee #TEAMDUNDEE
How well people I know are coping with lockdown (me included), learning languages, new recipes, getting into cycling and running, connecting with people, exploring town and getting creative😍
It's really, really hard, but I'm grateful I don't live in a much larger place.
That we find out Dundee is actually a thing!
The amount of amazing foraging spots there are around Dundee. Getting back to my love for nature has been so rewarding.
Kites are actually really hard to fly!
There are so many beautiful flowers in the city streets that I have never properly appreciated before.
My postman looks like Billy Connolly and I've had so many deliveries during lockdown that I now know that he SOUNDS like Billy Connolly too. A nice lockdown surprise.
People sussing what some have always known - what a walkable city we live in. From where I am behind the Law I can be in any corner of bonnie Dundee in under an hour. Always lived here, always will!
How tough it is for kids being surrounded by the best parks and green spaces, but not being able to use them... :(
How much I miss my old routine.
The views over to Fife are so clear from Broughty Ferry Beach.
Rediscovering Corners
Home Deliveries
How much the neighbours have come together to share resources - flour, printer paper, paint - all left on doorsteps!
How I appreciate my outdoor time much more and how lucky we are living on the coast!
I'm surprised by all the wildlife! Balgay park is great for solitary bees, Magdalen green great for bumblebees and butterflies, and Riverside nature park /The Law fantastic for bird watching!
How often you see people you know when you're out for a walk!
Traffic like the 70s - but back then, children played out in the street whenever the sun shone.
Being surprised by all the leaves in the trees one day there was bare branches the next day full green explosion
We are a community helping others.
Everyone has fallen in love with alternative modes of transport to cars. The roads are almost empty making them safe for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy!
I've seen more WEs than I've seen MEs
"UNPRECEDENTED" Wonder how often that word has been used since March?
How reflective the water is - sometimes it's like I'm gazing into a giant mirror
How wonderful all the key workers are . From every field of work
Seeing the same people at the same time every day - total strangers that I now see more often than my friends and family.
The Park Grass unkempt along with most peoples hair, child exposes parental blind spot with 3 words, why... but why, exuberant laughs on video chat, a call for a mate, All species together in bloom
People standing spaced apart on the beach breathing in the air, waves and light...
How much fun a zoom party is.
How much I miss the train ride across the Tay Bridge each morning
Chalk. Chalk is underrated. Chalk has kept us going. We love chalk.
Dundee has shown so much support to small independent local businesses. I hope this support continues!
Home working has been fantastic - Up early, more productive due to less interruptions, and a window to my beautiful garden. Mental health and mindfulness restored.This will be the new normal for me.
How everyone has become pretty much invisible.
We've got to know our neighbours better through communal street workouts and got fitter at the same time
I'd never appreciated the role videogames could play in managing people's mental health until lockdown.
Everyone is utilising the outdoors to a far greater capacity than before. Long may it continue!
I'm really not missing anything other than family and friends. Feel a physical longing and ache not seeing & hugging them.
 I miss chips.
how few people are wearing masks. i thought we were better than this
It's going to be scary to go outside the gate into the World beyond and meet other Humans - who are the survivors of this war!
Miss seeing,hugging and playing with our grandchildren very much!
So many beautiful places in walking / cycling distance of my house! Don't have to go far or spend a lot of money to have an amazing adventure!
How much I miss it !
Spaces Spaces Spaces Spaces
The joy in buying local
strength of individuals making a strong collective
I have seen inclusion, tollerance & acceptance rise. Dundee is ALWAYS inclusive, but people are offering to help more without getting close, and everything is so quiet ❤️ Everyone cares.
That I haven't chopped all my hair off yet...
I've noticed the cherry blossoms in Dudhope Park, and how they fall like confetti in the wind
Nothing surprises me about my Dundee. A beautiful city overlooking the Silvery Tay with wonderful parks and beaches for walking, cycling and playing with children and dogs in the sunshine. Grateful !
How people are talking of new pocket parks, improved cycling infrastructure and pedestrianised streets. Dreaming of a better Dundee never stops!
Lived in the town for over 30 years and my wife and myself have driven past the various entrances to "the miley" nature reserve numerous times. We have now walked it a couple of times, a great find!
How peaceful our streets are without cars. How lovely the birds are. How many more people are taking exercise. How kindness and being human is back in vogue
Dundonians genuinely want to help each other through this - stepping off pavements to pass safely, doing errands, adapting and using local businesses. There is heart at what we do.
The importance of parks and recreational areas for our wellbeing
I finally have time to work on the projects that I never had time for
Me and my granddaughter have started baking together online..we made lemon drizzle cake. It was great..both cakes were very successful. There was a bit of drama about cracking eggs her mama sorted it
Slow Down and Appreciate
It has been a challenging time for everyone but what shines through is the great community spirit in Dundee #LoveDundee
Loving the resilience and versatility of everyone during lockdown. Hoping the growing sense of community continues supporting local people and businesses and sets a new model for being.
Realising that the most important things in life are free. No amount of money or material things will ever make me feel as happy as seeing all my loved ones again. I cant wait to hug them all.
funny how you can feel like you're on an adventure so close to home
I'm going plucking mad. I'll have no eyebrows left soon...
Just how quickly the grass has grown on the municipal football pitches. There'll be a few surprises hiding in the growth when the time comes to get the mowers out
The wonder of accidentally seeing a friend at the supermarket
How adaptable the businesses have been. We’re a resilient community.
People enjoying the space they live in. We've been walking to parks and hidden corners of our neighbourhood on foot and on bike, making the most of our one hour of freedom each day.
A sense of community has returned that has been absent in some areas!
I've loved the quiet roads and a wee wander walk to the shops instead of hopping into the car.
Superheroes running the streets to make kids smile!
Local businesses being creative and diversifying their offer and how the operate. Staying in business and engaging customers.
"The City of Discovery" Discovering all the wonderful local small businesses that are out there; doing what they love & we love what they do!
Before lockdown, I was usually away with work 3 days a week. I love not travelling + like working from home in Dundee. I can walk the dog, see the river, be present, I'm not going back to 'normal'.
How much I'm enjoying not racing about every evening and weekend. I'm not going back to that, quiet times with family are my future!
Being amazed at how far you can see in all directions from the top of the Law.
Proud of how well everyone is coping, and coping in their own unique way!
How busy the quiet places are.
Discovering suburban streets that I have never had the time or inclination to explore before.
Getting to know my neighbours and feeling a new sense of community growing
Watching trees and flowers bloom in a more considered way. Seeing gardens I walk past change as leaves and petals fade and grow.
☀️ It really has been Sunny Dundee ☀️
My cooking & baking has vastly improved!
Dundee community spirit is amazing!
I've interacted more with my neighbours in the last 8 weeks than I have in the last 1.5 years since moving back. Gardening group, quizzes, kids fun, food sharing. If honest I'm scared it will end.
How much the local park has been a vital source of solace.
How quiet it is......
I've realised how many Beautiful pockets Dundee has. We are so lucky to live in a city with so many Beautiful parks and walking areas!
Just how many people are willing to get behind our community. I've loved seeing people buying local and getting recommendations for small food businesses that I didn't know existed before lockdown!
We've had so much more time to appreciate nature. Ironically we've been spending more time just walking in the park watching Spring unfold because the pace of life has slowed down for us.
Buzz cycling through V & A arch and enjoying Dundee's beautiful scenery.
I've taken up gardening!!!!Loving it!! I've also got to know lots of my neighbours, a real community feeling!(All social distance of course!)
I really appreciate the many local businesses who are reconfiguring on the fly to offer home deliveries.
no more cars way more bikes
So many people have dogs!
Not going back to the old 'normal' - how do we moonshot into the future now everyone has had an opportunity to reconnect with the things in life that are important? Who needs to be aboard the rocket?
How wonderful it is that the vast majority of people are so community minded and will go out of their way to help each other.
Found that online art and craft markets work and are beneficial for sellers and buyers!
Holy moly, quiet is beautiful!
 Grateful for the all the delivery drivers still bringing packages to my house.
There are positives in the stillness. Time might seem endless but on the flipside we have also been given endless time. Time to breathe, rest and be still.
Watching people in their gardens more... Connecting with the beautiful green spaces and breathing in the fresh air.
My new found love of cycling! I've felt safer & more confidant to be out on my bike with quieter roads.
Access to local produce became more important than ever.
I work remotely from Bristol. Hearing about the way that the lovely sculptures and artwork hidden around the city have gained new meaning for people on the rare walks outside makes me so happy.
Green space is alive
That Dundee is full of urban and green space beauty in so many ways - seldom-used side streets, industrial areas, residential roads... Never appreciated our walkable city more!
How many people have no understanding of social distancing. Also, the fact that my local shop doesn't enforce this and the staff think it's okay to lean over customers!!
The sky seems bluer, the grass greener, and baxter park has become even more precious
Loving that we have so many green spaces to explore and listen to nature... feel lucky to live in this cute wee city :)
It's given me so much hope for the future, showing that people do care about others and their environment. People are growing their own food, learning how to fix things, cycling & sharing 💚👫🌍
Although I live in a flat, I have the best views over the Angus hills and across the Tay to Fife, so I have never felt closed in
Just how many Lockdown rules can the neighbours break???
As someone who lives in Angus but usually travels to work in Dundee every day. I miss the city and everyone and everything in it.
Each day feels more and more like a scene from Snow White. 🐦
The amazing people from Dundee fighting back against the virus. Two examples being the University of Dundee discovering new things about the virus and NHS Tayside being excellent in this time of need
How good the weather's been!
I have enjoyed the calm Dundee has right now. As a business owner I would never have chosen to press the pause button on our business life however this pandemic has done that for us, enjoy the peace.
How lucky I am to be able to spend time at my allotment and get to know the other people there. I hope more spaces are converted to allotments in Dundee, so more people can enjoy the benefits!
Enjoying quality family time!
Home Delivered Fudge Doughnuts 👅 👅 👅
How the usual petty annoyances have receded and what's left is the stuff our lives should be made of: birdsong, space, peace to think, quiet time to let us ponder what we could do differently forever.
The parks are filled with nature
How beautiful Eastern Cemetery is! It has the most amazing rhododendrons at this time of year, and the stone carving on some of the old monuments is incredible. It's a peaceful and interesting place.
Enjoying gardening
I really enjoyed watching the signs of spring in detail in Balgay Park. I've not done this before. I've walked up the Law several times, it's much closer to my house than I thought.
Being together in one space for so long has encouraged our creativity to reimagine our space together. Turns out a crocodile lives in the garden and a mermaid visits our bathroom.